Neuropsychological Testing

Neuropsychological and Psychological assessments are important tools administered by psychologists with specialized training in understanding and evaluating an individual’s unique behaviors, cognitions, and emotions.

Psychological testing is helpful in providing diagnostic clarity around complex psychological symptoms. As a medical doctor might order X-rays, imaging, or bloodwork to identify medical issues, psychologists utilize testing to better inform treatment planning.

Neuropsychological Testing Boston

Neuropsychological and Psychological testing is helpful with:

Identifying learning disabilities:

  • Children and teens experiencing learning problems may undergo aptitude testing or tests specifically designed to identify academic areas that need greater support.
  • Understanding neuropsychological functioning:
    • Focused on areas such as attention, impulsivity, and memory
  • Diagnostic clarity for emotional disorders:
    • Testing can evaluate anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues.

Work or relationship challenges:

  • Psychologists use tests to understand issues related to anger
    management, interpersonal skills, or personality traits affecting work or personal relationships.

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